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Welcome to a world of wonder, a world beyond your wildest imagination. Join us for the greatest show on earth....

Wearable Art from

Artists Around the Globe

Imagine you’re in a large striped circus tent with a front row seat to the most dazzling of shows around. Every performer is unique, from the ringleader to the trapeze artists. Appreciate the awe-inspiring wonder through our most recent campaign.

To drive ticket sales, The Craftsman Agency identified and partnered with artists around the world to produce work that exuded the vibrancy and individuality of The Greatest Showman. Together, these artists created a variety of costume makeup and wardrobe pieces that brought the film to life on social channels. The campaign, from initial strategy to sharing the content across social media, spanned four months.

Content was published organically on Instagram by both individual influencer accounts as well as 20th Century Fox certified accounts internationally. Monitoring the hashtags #TheGreatestShowman and #GreatestShowman revealed engagement of 5.15% (exceeding the Instagram average engagement rate of 3%).



Jolien-Rosanne, Fairytas @_fairytas Located in the Netherlands

“It was such an inspiring challenge to work on this project. Each scale on the armor of the gown was cut by hand and laminated. I used the big iridescent sequins from the skirt fabric to mix the top and the bottom together so it became a whole.”


Makeup Look

Vanessa Davis, The Makeup and Wigs Manager @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager This look took 12 hours to create

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed designing a makeup look inspired by P.T. Barnum and this enchanting circus-led theme.”



Nephi Garcia, Designer Daddy @designerdaddy_ Garcia's wife and children model his creations

“It was such an honor to have the opportunity to partner with Twentieth Century Fox. When designing the wearable art, a quote from P.T. Barnum stood out to me: ‘If you hesitate, some bolder hand will stretch out before you and get the prize.’”


with Gold

Rinaldy Yunardi @rinaldyyunardiofficial Yunardi specializes in working with metal material

“[We] collaborated by creating a special costume and headpiece made of raffia and crystal metal mesh with edges sprayed with metallic gold paint.”

Social Glimpse

The Results

Campaign duration: Dec. 10 to Dec. 19, 2017

5.15 %

engagement rate






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